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Iberá Marshes

The swamps and lagoons that make part of this natural reserve setting up a wet enviroment, home of fascinating flora and fauna species. 

The biodiversity ot its ecosystem turns this place into a natural water regulator. Water plants, variety of flowers, tree communities, alligators, carpinchos, monkeys and hundreds of others strolls through the water join for delighted nature lovers.

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Discover not only our nature but also our agricultural and forestry production and our history by visiting and staying in old ranches that were transformed into comfortable lodges for tourists, where you can also taste typical dishes from both European immigrants and the local people and to enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback rides, canoe trips, hiking, etc.

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San Ignacio Jesuit Mission

San Ignacio is an 8 hectares historic monument over 460 years old.  More than 12,000 native Guarani Indians inhabited this region for shelter and protection of the siege of Portuguese slavers.  Discover this monumental cultural and architectural legacy.

Light & Sound: under the ruins of the Mission of San Ignacio one unique staging is performed: images and sounds come together in a wonderful show that brings to life the Jesuit-Guaraní history.

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The Moconá Falls

In the middle of the jungle, originated by a geological fault, The Moconá Falls show all its beauty. Located alongside the border of our country and the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, these falls constitute a peculiar geographical feature. The waters of the Uruguay river flow parallel to its course of 3.500 meters long. Nature and adventure merged in an exciting journey.

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Wanda Precious Stone Mines

You can find the small-precious stone mines. Delimited by a green landscape of pine trees and intense rainforest. Wanda dazzles the visitor tith treasure of filts basalic stone: amethyst, rock cristal, jasper and its 48 varieties of agates.


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