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Terms & Conditions

Requirements for rent

Minimum rental age : 21 years.
ID card or passport.
Valid driver's license in the country of residence of the tenant , accompanied passport if no photograph. International license is required, along with the license of the country of origin, if it is not written in Roman alphabet. The license must have completed a minimum of one year, except in the case of renovations.
Credit Card ( Visa, MasterCard , American Express or Diners ) , whose ceiling (or less if the tenant hires additional insurance coverage ) will be blocked as guarantee to cover any extra charge not included in the coupon purchase. If there is no margin available you can not proceed with the rental.

The confirmation of the booking implies knowledge and acceptance of the terms and conditions.
The rent is payable in advance at time of pickup.
There will be a tolerance of an additional hour after the scheduled time for delivery of the vehicle. After that time the reservation will be terminated .
Rates are per day and contemplate renting the car for 24 hours with a tolerance of one hour for your return. Exceeded this term will receive the excessive time and the corresponding proportional insurance.
The daily mileage included will depend on the rate agreed . Additional kilometers will be charged the full amount of the contracted category of rent value.
The car comes with the complete fuel tank so you should be reinstated under the same conditions . Otherwise the cost of refueling will be charged. Eventually if the vehicle was not delivered with a full tank this is recorded in the presence of the tenant and establish what is the load at the time of delivery.
Reservations requested may be dealt with automobiles of the same category or superior , if not count on availability.
For request authorization border , mechanical coverage and eventual carry abroad is charged to the customer . The permit is payable in advance and are not refundable in case of cancellation.
During the period of the lease the customer is responsible for the custody of the automobile and its accessories and documents.
The liability insurance to third parties and third transported does not cover relatives or executives of companies . It does not cover damage to the vehicle so that the customer is responsible for these and for which it may hire additional protection. Special protection duty is an additional insurance that covers damage to the car from a minimum amount ( franchise ) which is by the tenant , regardless of fault , in case of collision , theft and / or fire. They are not included within this protection : tires and accessories (GPS , baby seat , etc ) when they were damaged , stolen or stolen , in which case the customer will pay the replacement value
The client agrees to make the complaint to the competent authority in case of theft, robbery , wreck or collision and present it to the lessor within 24 hours of the accident happened .
The tenant is civilly and criminally responsible for his conduct , including violation of any provision of municipal, provincial or national traffic that originates harm to persons or unit Locada and shall not permit the use of the vehicle other than duly authorized driver contract . You may not drive under the influence of any substance that might affect their ability to drive or use the vehicle to transport prohibited, dangerous and flammable products , nor for racing , competitions, driving lessons , pushing or towing other vehicles , etc.
The road may not be used for a purpose other than that stated in the certificate of registration and / or manufacturer's specifications or to transport more people than there specified , they may move only in the national territory ( unless special permission ) and routes empowered to do so . Failure of the above and / or circulate unpaved roads unsuitable for the category of the rented vehicle shall be grounds for early termination .
The rented vehicle shall be reinstated on the date recorded in the contract. Any change in the delivery date must be reliably communicated and agreed with the company. Any request for extension shall be requested by the person signing the contract and must be accepted by the lessor .
The lessor reserves the right to charge a rate of return provided the vehicle is not returned in the same place where it was delivered, even within the same city.
Upon returning the car will proceed to calculate the expenses for the rental period . However , there may be debits by the tenant not claimed by the company at the time that the customer agrees to pay promptly such as traffic offenses committed , compensation for damages, breakages or missing and casualty foregone when the delivery
The car is delivered in perfect condition , maintenance , operation and hygiene and so should be reinstated . If the unit has been subjected to a use that requires special cleaning will be charged an additional fee Wash .