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Discover not only our nature but also our agricultural and forestry production and our history by visiting and staying in old ranches that were transformed into comfortable lodges for tourists, where you can also taste typical dishes from both European immigrants and the local people and to enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback rides, canoe trips, hiking, etc.

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• Prices are valid until Dec 31st 2019 -but subject to change without notice- and are in US dollars.

• Prices have VAT and taxes included.

• Rates include insurance against theft and damage with a deductible paid by the customer which varies according to the category of the vehicle.

• The crossing to Paraguay is not allowed.

• We reserve the right to adjust our prices when substantial currency fluctuations occur.

• Delivery or return at the Cataratas del Iguazú Airport (IGR) and/or in the city centre.

• Ask for weekly and monthly plans.